WBT (Web Based Training) and CBT (Computer Based Training), offer flexibility and deliver effective results. However, social aspects play an important role in learning processes and should not be neglected.

The targeted combination of both learning methodologies provides optimal value; the advantages are enhanced and the drawbacks are minimized. This is particularly evident in CAD and PLM training, as well as in firm-specific trainings such as fire safety, occupational safety, and organization.

We combine classical didactic methods stemming from classroom learning, with the advantages e-learning brings. We customize instruction and self-learning processes to your needs, and offer the necessary learning content.

You want a solution that offers learning and knowledge transfer which is customizable, can be done remotely and on your schedule, combined with expert advice and practical applications? We make it possible.

To introduce you to our solutions, we offer a fair and non-binding binding trail-run, to allow you take the first steps towards forming a partnership with us. Only effective and close collaboration between parties makes a tailor-made solution possible.